Top Fat Burning Fruits and Vegetables

Watermelon: The high water content of this fruit takes up lots of space in your stomach, causing you to feel full and eat less overall.  It is also alkalizing (reduces unhealthy acidity within the body) and flushes out toxins through the kidneys.

Grapefruit: Eating half a grapefruit at a meal will fill you up enough to resist overeating and second helpings.  Grapefruit is full of soluble fiber and high in vitamins A and C.

Berries: When you get intense sugar cravings, try eating a handful of berries.  The healthy sugars in berries will satisfy your sweet tooth, while still being extremely healthy for you.  Blend up a smoothie or try my blueberry maple sorbet!

Cucumbers: Cucumbers have hardly any calories and are similar to watermelon in the way that they will help take up space and keep you full.  They also help keep away liver disease and pancreatic cancer and will help your skin and nails look more vibrant and clear.

Celery:  Celery also contains nearly zero calories and is a great go-to snack if you’re like me - always eating.  Dip celery in some hummus, bean dip, or almond or peanut butter for a healthy/quick snack.

Hot peppers:  Spicy vegetables like hot peppers increase your fat-burning potential!  Don’t be afraid to spice up your diet. :]

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